Group Action Key
Arrange Send to Back ⇧⌘B
Arrange Bring to Front ⇧⌘F
Arrange Flip Horizontally ⌃⌘H
Arrange Flip Vertically ⌃⌘V
Arrange Lock ⌘L
Arrange Send Backward ⌥⇧⌘B
Arrange Bring Forward ⌥⇧⌘F
Arrange Ungroup ⌥⇧⌘G
Arrange Group ⌥⌘G
Arrange Unlock ⌥⌘L
Arrange->Align Objects Bottom ⌃⇧B
Arrange->Align Objects Center ⌃⇧C
Arrange->Align Objects Left ⌃⇧L
Arrange->Align Objects Middle ⌃⇧M
Arrange->Align Objects Right ⌃⇧R
Arrange->Align Objects Top ⌃⇧T
Arrange->Distribute Objects Evenly ⌃⇧E
Arrange->Distribute Objects Horizontally ⌃⇧H
Arrange->Distribute Objects Vertically ⌃⇧V
Edit Deselect All ⇧⌘A
Edit Find Previous ⇧⌘G
Edit Emoji and Symbols ⌃⌘Space
Edit Check Spelling and Grammar ⌘;
Edit Show Spelling and Grammar ⌘:
Edit Select All ⌘A
Edit Find using Selection ⌘E
Edit Find ⌘F
Edit Find Next ⌘G
Edit Paste ⌘V
Edit Undo ⌘Z
Edit Copy Character Style ⌥⇧⌘C
Edit Paste and Match Style ⌥⇧⌘V
File Duplicate ⇧⌘S
File New ⌘N
File Open ⌘O
File Print ⌘P
File Save ⌘S
File Close ⌘W
File Save As ⌥⇧⌘S
File Close All ⌥⌘W
Format Copy Animation ⌃⌥C
Format Paste Animation ⌃⌥V
Format Add Link ⌘K
Format Copy Paragraph Style ⌥⌘C
Format Paste Paragraph Style ⌥⌘V
Format->Chart Show Chart Data Editor ⇧⌘D
Format->Font Capitalization->None ⌃⌥X
Format->Font Subscript ⌃⌘-
Format->Font Superscript ⌃⌘+
Format->Font Smaller ⌘-
Format->Font Bigger ⌘+
Format->Font Bold ⌘B
Format->Font Italic ⌘I
Format->Font Show Fonts ⌘T
Format->Font Underline ⌘U
Format->Font Tighten Character Spacing ⌥⌘[
Format->Font Loosen Character Spacing ⌥⌘]
Format->Image Edit Mask ⇧⌘M
Format->Text Decrease Indent ⌘[
Format->Text Increase Indent ⌘]
Format->Text Align Text Left ⌘{
Format->Text Align Text Right ⌘}
Format->Text Align Text Center ⌘|
Format->Text Justify Text ⌥⌘|
Format->Text Auto-Align Table Cell ⌥⌘U
Insert Comment ⇧⌘K
Insert Choose ⇧⌘V
Insert Text Box ⌃T
Insert->Line Line ⌃L
Insert->Line Draw with Pen ⌥⇧⌘P
Keynote Preferences ⌘,
Keynote Hide Keynote ⌘H
Keynote Quit Keynote ⌘Q
Keynote Hide Others ⌥⇧⌘H
Keynote Quit and Keep Windows ⌥⌘Q
Play Rehearse Slideshow ⇧⌘R
Play Play Slideshow ⇧⌘P
Presentation Mode Toggle shortcuts window ?
Presentation Mode Next/Prev. Slide ]/P
Presentation Mode First/Last Slide
Presentation Mode Last Slide
Presentation Mode Decrease note font size ⌘+-
Presentation Mode Increase note font size ⌘++
Presentation Mode Pause with Black/White Screen B/W
Presentation Mode Show/Hide Pointer C
Presentation Mode Rewind/Fastforward Movie J/L
Presentation Mode Play/Pause Movie K
Presentation Mode Next/Prev. Build N/[
Presentation Mode Quit Presentation Q
Presentation Mode Reset Timer R
Presentation Mode Scroll Notes Up/Down U/D
Presentation Mode Swap displays X
Slide Expand All ⇧⌘=
Slide Skip Slide ⇧⌘H
Slide New Slide ⇧⌘N
Slide Collapse All ⌃=
View Zoom Out ⇧⌘<
View Zoom In ⇧⌘>
View Zoom to Selection ⇧⌘0
View Show Colors ⇧⌘C
View Show Arrange Tools ⇧⌘A
View Show Adjust Image ⇧⌘I
View Show Build Order ⇧⌘O
View Enter Full Screen ⌃⌘F
View Light Table ⌃⌥L
View Navigator ⌃⌥N
View Outline ⌃⌥O
View Slide Only ⌃⌥S
View Actual Size ⌘0
View Show Rulers ⌘R
View Edit Master Slides ⌥⌘E
View Zoom to Fit ⌥⌘F
View Toggle Inspector ⌥⌘I
View Toggle Presenter Notes ⌥⌘P
View Toggle Toolbar ⌥⌘T
View->Inspector Show Next Inspector Tab ⌃’
View->Inspector Show Previous Inspector Tab ⌃⇧’
Window Zoom ⌃⌥⌘Z
Window Minimize ⌘M