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Editing Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
⌘⇧P Open Command Palette
⌘⌃P Open Switch Project Dialogue
⌘P Go To Anything (e.g., New File)
⌘R Show Available Methods
⌘D Select Word & Next Occurrence Of Word
⌘click Select Multiple To Edit
Tab Complete Entry Using Snippet
⌃⌘A Neatly Align Current Selection
⌘⇧C Open Color Picker
⌘M Minimize Window
⌃⌘F Enter Full-screen Mode
⌘Z / ⌘Y Undo/redo
⌥⌘Q Wrap Paragraph At Ruler
⌃spacebar Show Completions
⌥⌘T Special Characters
⌥⌘F Find And Replace
⌘K, ⌘U Upper Case
⌘K, ⌘L Lower Case
⌃T Transpose
⌃⌥V View In Browser
⌃` Show Console

Command Palette Commands

Command Action
install Search for New Package to Install
remove Search for Package to Remove
gist See Gist Options (Save or Insert)
user Open User Settings
colorsublime Search for Color-Sublime Theme
markdown preview Preview options for Markdown