I created these materials for an instructional lab I helped lead as part of the 2014 Training Course in fMRI offered by the University of Michigan. They aim to provide students with practical experience in planning and designing an task-based fMRI study, preprocessing the acquired data, and analyzing and visualizing the results. The walk-through is hands-on, and tailored to analysis in MATLAB software, in particular SPM8. Moreover, much of the walk-through refers to sample data that I can’t currently share publicly; however, the majority of it should be general enough to be applicable to practically any fMRI dataset you can get your hands on. For instance, there are multiple sample fMRI datasets available on the SPM website. Anyways, maybe these instructional materials will be useful to you or someone you love. Who knows? Someday, they may even save your life…

The Labs

  1. Task Design and Power
  2. Single-Subject Analysis
  3. Group Analysis